Our **Guided Annuity service** is delivered in **two stages**.

Our guided annuity service is a step-by-step process that will help you find the annuity with the highest income. We’ll be there at each step to make sure you feel comfortable with the choices you make and have the support you need to make an informed decision.


Stage one relates to the production of your bespoke Pre-Retirement Report. The report will guide you through the options you can add to your annuity and helps you weigh up how each option may affect the income you receive. It also includes logins to our online ASSIST tool which will allow you to model various annuity options using real-time rates from the open market. You’ll also have access to our helpdesk team who can support you with any queries you may have.

Our fee for this stage is £120 (inclusive of VAT). If you agree to use the service an invoice will be sent with your Pre-retirement Report.


Stage two identifies the annuity provider offering the highest level of income based on your selected options, and considers the personal health and lifestyle information provided to us. It includes the purchase of your guaranteed income for life (annuity) and any administration required to place the annuity with your chosen provider.

Our fee for this stage is £300 (no VAT). This invoice will be sent out with your At-retirement Report.

We will be unable to continue with any stage of the process until the relevant payment has been received. Payments can be made via cheque or bank transfer. Further details will be confirmed to you.

Contact us

If you wish to use our service and find out more about how we can help you, please contact us on 0345 863 0495 or email annuityadmin@hubfs.co.uk.