Pension Buddy

Part of our financial wellness programme

Introducing **Pension Buddy**

Pension Buddy provides valuable information and guidance for people some years from retiring, who are starting to make plans to be financially fit for their life after work.

It’s often a struggle to find information about pensions and retirement online. People use words like ‘confused’ and ‘bamboozled’ to describe the experience. In fact, a recent Department for Work and Pensions research study concluded that even ‘…government websites, including Pension Wise, were described as difficult to navigate’.

Pension Buddy makes everything simple

Your Pension Buddy Plan cuts through the clutter. It delivers only the information that’s relevant. It does this by asking a series of simple questions. Based on the answers, it filters out content that’s irrelevant and delivers a tailored, personal plan. It’s completely anonymous and can be emailed or read through the site.

The Pension Buddy Retirement Health Check. The Retirement Health Check answers the 5 crucial questions someone thinking of retirement has to address:

  • How much do I need for a comfortable retirement?
  • What are my current pensions and other savings worth now?
  • What could they be worth when I retire?
  • How much might the contributions I’ll pay in the future be worth?
  • What can I do if there’s a shortfall in my plans for retirement?

We also add in the State Pension and any defined benefit pensions too.

And that's **not all**

Though we filter content to deliver only what’s relevant, it still needs to engage and be easy to read. We achieve this in a number of ways. Myth busters introduces an element of gamification to make the complex simple. Video and infographics relay information visually. And if we ever have to use jargon, we have an innovative practical approach.

All in all, Pension Buddy is a truly unique experience.

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